Sedation in General Dentistry

The first and foremost concern of a general dentist is to ensure that the patient is comfortable and relaxed. However, oftentimes, they realize that the dental anxiety does not go away even before any general dentistry procedure starts. But the advantage is that there are numerous procedures that use anesthesia which takes away the stress and discomfort of the general dentistry. If you have bad experiences in the past or just extra anxious about the impending dental work, talk to your dentist about pain free methods of treatment and decide accordingly.

Pain and anxiety control: Though there are numerous methods to ensure that you do not have to suffer in the dentist chair. Some of the common forms of dental anesthesia includes use of Lidocaine and works effectively in cases of tooth aches. Basically, it is effective as local anesthesia. Prior to any injections, whether under general dentistry or cosmetic procedures, the dentist swabs the area with topical anesthesia to ensure that the pain of the needle is not there. edgerton and glenn

Sedation dentistry: Those looking for pain free dentistry needs to talk to their dentists for selecting the anti-anxiety agents which can be injected or inhaled. Usually, nitrous oxide is used to relax the individual ensuring better response.

However, some dental procedures require special needs and deep sedation might be the need for some dental surgeries. This is possible with general anesthesia. Under this type of sedation, the individual is unconscious and will not be aware of the dental treatment they undergo.

However, before sedation your dentist might require a lot of health information to ensure that there are no allergic reactions under any circumstances. Inform the sedation dentist about your allergy, current health conditions and prescription medications that you are taking. As some medications interfere with anesthesia, your health history is important for the dentist to ensure best results. Most of the drugs used by the dentists have the approval of FDA and are completely safe under normal circumstances.

All of the anesthetic providers are complete professionals that care about their patient’s comforts and safety. Thus, if you are in pain and just avoiding a visit to the dentist, you can be sure that it will not cause you anymore pain, as a prick and numb the area before the dentist starts work on it. There are numerous other procedures such as root canal, extraction of tooth, cosmetic dentistry that requires different levels of sedation. The price of sedation dentistry is usually based on your insurance coverage and local dentist.

The cost of the treatment includes the sedation that is used and can range from hundreds to thousands of dollars depending upon the type of anesthesia utilized. However, the general dentistry procedures only utilize mild sedation and cost anywhere from $225 to $325 and the cost of the procedure is extra. You can check with your insurance company about the cover that they are offering or discuss with your dentist about the total cost of the procedure, before you opt for it. You may have full coverage or partial, depending upon the insurance package.