Critical Types of Fire Safety Signs For Your Workplace

Do you know what does it mean by green fire safety signs? How about the red signs, blue circles, red circles, and yellow triangles? These are the signs that ensure safety in the workplace that every employee needs to know. Since fire outbreaks do not happen everyday, these safety signs are constant reminders to employees to be alert in case of accidents. These signs are best in glow-in-the-dark finishes. Aside from these signs, the Health and Safety Law, What You Need To Know poster must also be posted in the workplace.

Employers should make a safe workplace to ensure the health both of its employees and the general public, ensure that its factories and equipment are safe and that work safety protocols are provided and implemented, and transfer, store, and use flammable materials and substances safely. These requirements from the United Kingdom Health and Safety laws are indicating that providing fire safety signs in the workplace is the duty of the business owners. Aside from the legal requirements imposed to workplaces in the United Kingdom, every business, with the employer’s conscience, has the responsibility to ensure the safety of its employees as it ensures the safety of the business itself.

It is part of the responsibilities of business owners in the UK to provide fire safety signs in the business premises. These safety signs must be easily seen by all the staff members of the business. Essential information such as the locations of fire exits, fire fighting equipments, and emergency fire phones must be readily accessible to all employees. Every employee in the business must be fully aware of the safety signs and what they stand for as that is what those signs are there for.

It is a must that the employees are well-versed with the styles of fire safety signs and the message they carry. The green signs, called safe condition signs, have two meanings. It tells the employees where the fire safety equipments are. (It is essential for all employees to know where the fire exit is or where to find the first aid equipment.) It also informs the employees that it is safe to do something in case of an emergency. Red signs, called the fire safety signs, only show where the fire extinguishers are including other fire safety equipment. Blue circles, the mandatory signs, give commands which employees are mandated to do in case of fire. On the contrary, red circles, the prohibition signs, with a diagonal line prohibit the employees from doing what is shown in the sign. The yellow triangles, the caution signs, are used to emphasize or bring to attention that something is dangerous.

Fire safety signs must not be overdone. They must be strategically located and all the employees must be aware of the signs. Most importantly, all of the employees must be aware of the meanings of the different signs. All employees must know that the green signs, like the red signs, tell where the fire safety equipments are, and inform that it is safe to do something in case of an emergency, that blue circles, give mandatory commands, red circles prohibit something, and yellow triangles give cautions.