Attractions Near Precision Periodontics in Washington DC

Precision Periodontics, located in Washington DC, offers comprehensive, preventative oral health care. Their highly skilled dentists and hygienists offer state-of-the-art services to patients with severe gum disease and an underlying root cause. They aim to provide a comprehensive treatment approach encompassing prevention, management, and basic restoration for all patients. Dr. Zein al-Rabieh, Precision Periodontics’ assistant general dentist, is quoted as follows: Precision Periodontics & Implant Dentistry

“I have been very impressed by how our patients, from the young to the elderly, take care of themselves and cope with their oral health. These patients are extremely happy with the outcome of their treatment.” – Assistant General Dentist, Precision Periodontics, Washington DC

The oral healthcare provided by Precision Periodontics is second to none, according to several students who have already benefited from the program. “It is one of the best dental programs I have ever attended,” said Alexa Gough, a recent graduate of the program. “The professors and teaching staff are very well versed in the latest techniques in periodontics, resulting in a very hands-on and thorough experience for the students.” “The focus on prevention and cleanliness is amazing,” said Kaye A. Johnson, a recent graduate of the program. “We are always striving to be the best in the field.”

The impressive curriculum offered at Precision Periodontics also offers students the chance to travel abroad. This exciting option lets students explore the world and practice oral surgery while still maintaining their stay in the United States. The renowned Teaching Hospital of Saint Petersburg in Russia is a popular destination for students who are interested in learning more about world oral hygiene. The hospital boasts a world-class library, an extensive video library featuring cutting-edge video clips, and a large section devoted to the latest advancements in periodontistry. The school even sponsors trips to Russia and other European destinations.

In addition to its excellent program and its beautiful settings, Precision Periodontics provides its students with access to a full suite of dental care equipment. The center’s highly skilled dentists and technicians are able to provide their patients with the tools they need to maintain healthy teeth and gums. These dental supplies include the state-of-the-art emergency dentistry equipment that is used to respond to a variety of dental emergencies, as well as fully automated dental instruments and endodontic pumps.

Other tools that students can expect to find at the Precision Periodontics include fully equipped dental offices and laboratory facilities. The center also has on staff a number of highly skilled nutritionists and therapists. Each student is also provided with one or two fully furnished offices upon signing their contract. The physicians and specialists of the center also receive specialized training from some of the finest dentists in the country. This level of education puts students on the fast track to a lucrative career.

Besides its amazing and innovative teaching facility, Precision Periodontics also offers students the chance to rub elbows with some of North America’s best dentists. The list of residents includes such notable practitioners as Dr. Paul G Johnson, Associate Clinical Professor of Surgery at the University of Minnesota; Dr. Paul G Delaney, Oral Director of the Oral Hygiene and Prevention Research Unit of the Veterans Affairs Medical Center; Dr. Ardis Roth, Chief of Orthodontic Surgery at the Veterans Affairs Northern California Healthcare System; Dr. Frank DeGasper, DDS, MBA, Senior Director of Research for the American Dental Association; Dr. Steven Teitelbaum, Director of Oral Surgery at the Cleveland Clinic; Dr. William Fitzgerald, Assistant Director of the Office of the Chief Medical Inspector; and Dr. Ida Heyman, an oral surgeon and professor at the New York Institute of Technology. These are just a few of the professional residents that students may come in contact with, which makes for a comprehensive learning experience.

Precision Periodontics is located in Winkfield, Pennsylvania, just near the village of Wernitz. The town is known for its annual Strawberry Festival. Families and young professionals to fill up the auditoriums of the local hotels looking forward to the wonderful strawberry brittle and other local delicacies during this great event. With all the exciting activities going on, it is no wonder that visitors from out of town travel so far just to attend this prestigious dental care center.